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Attracting the world's top students with our law scholarships

Undergraduate, juris doctor and postgraduate scholarships
Sydney Law School offers over half a million dollars of law scholarships to attract the world's best students and support career ambitions.

We support our students, and lifelong learning opportunities, with over a half a million dollars of scholarships for law study. Our scholarships are designed to recognise potential, assist those in need, reward high achievement, and create a positive study experience.

By removing financial barriers and providing support through this diverse scholarship program, we attract the best performing applicants, domestically, internationally, and from diverse markets, and provide unrivalled opportunities, learning, and mentors at Australia's leading law school. 

Were it not for the generous support I received as the recipient of the Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship and the University of Sydney Eleanor Sophia Wood Postgraduate Travelling Scholarship, the past year would have been but a pipe dream. For that, I am incredibly grateful to the donors of both scholarships.
Sydney Law School alumna, Alice Zhou (LLB ’17)

The benefits of a scholarship

Extending beyond financial benefits, our scholarships offer opportunities to connect with our academic staff and other scholars, undertake internship or research opportunities, and help our students graduate with a highly regarded degree and strong employment opportunities

We are equally committed to lifelong learning and our scholarship support has global reach, and extends to students seeking international education aspirations. We have strong global partnerships with top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, and National University of Singapore, and our alumni including Eleanor Makeig (JD '18), Alyssa Glass (JD ‘18), Alice Zhou (LLB '17) and Mitchell Cleaver (LLB '16) are able to pursue further study and take the next step in their career as a result of our scholarship program.

My studies would not have been possible without the generous support of the Law School and donors.
Sydney Law School alumna, Eleanor Makeig (JD ’18)

The kind generosity of our donors is unparalleled.

The Law School’s scholarship program provides life-changing opportunities. We aim to attract and support the best and brightest students in the world so that they reach their true potential, achieve their career ambitions, and pursue their true passions. We support lifelong learning by offering scholarships that allow our students and alumni to pursue further study, whether that is on campus at the Law School or through our global partnerships with other world leading reputable law schools.

So, whether you are completing your Year 12, finishing your undergraduate degree and want to study the Juris Doctor, or an alum wanting to return to postgraduate study, we offer a diverse range of scholarships for domestic and international students to study at Sydney Law School.


Page updated 29 March 2022.

16 September 2020

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