4 ways a scholarship prepares students for their future careers

26 October 2020
The law scholarship program that offers opportunity and real-world application
Three students speak about how the law scholarship program has helped prepare them for their future careers and to achieve their ambitious goals.

We spoke to three students who shared four ways law scholarships have helped prepare them to achieve their career ambitions.

Meet our students

Lachlan Bellach, Juris Doctor

Lachlan Bellach, Juris Doctor

Lachlan Bellach, Juris Doctor (JD), Wigram Allen Scholarship for the Juris Doctor Award

“Taking the plunge to change career to law was nerve-racking. The scholarship helped me trust my instincts and secured my pathway for the shift. The move has definitely been the right call for me!”

Kailin Chen, Juris Doctor

Kailin Chen, Juris Doctor

Kailin Chen, Juris Doctor, CA Coghlan and AN Littlejohn Scholarship for the Juris Doctor

“I’m really thankful for having the scholarship and grateful to the donors. The scholarship has not only lessened my financial burden but also motivated me to continue to try hard throughout the three years of my JD degree to uphold the standards in the selection criteria. In the future, I hope I can give back in a similar way and encourage future students.”

Margaret Kearney, Master of Laws

Margaret Kearney, Master of Laws

Margaret Kearney, Master of Laws (LLM), Ross Waite Parsons Postgraduate Coursework Law Scholarship

“Winning the scholarship is an absolute privilege. I am thrilled by the opportunity to be able to undertake the LLM as a result of the Ross Waite Parsons scholarship, and to join a cohort of such impressive students and alumni as a result.”

1. World-leading university with reputation for excellent graduate employability

Lachlan considered the “Law School’s long history of leadership in the legal profession, reputation for academic excellence and the employability of its graduates”, when deciding to study with us. He also spoke about campus and student life: “The vibrancy of campus life is unparalleled; there are so many opportunities to get involved through the multitude of student clubs and societies, including the programs offered by SULS [Sydney University Law Society].”

Kailin was “attracted to Sydney Law School’s reputation in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and across the world, and its strong focus on international, comparative and transnational law also heavily influenced my decision.”

For Margaret, the LLM offered a variety of subjects and a flexible program allowing her to balance study with fulltime work.

2. Teaching by top practitioners and academics

My teachers have been thought leaders in their disciplines, contributors to publications and are regularly called on by the media for their expertise and commentary. Their own experience in legal practice means they bring real world insights and critical perspectives to their teaching.
Lachlan Bellach

Kailin said, “besides having direct access to High Court judges as professors, who were behind the judgments we study, often, the professors who teach us are the acting lawyers for cases in the courses or have been involved in legislation drafting or reform processes. This gives us invaluable and in-depth insight we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.” 

"The professors’ commitment to and guidance towards our learning, from sharing study techniques to tackle difficult problems to asking questions that really help develop our legal reasoning and analysis skills, reflect the excellent quality of teaching here", Kailin added.

“A particular highlight has been the calibre of lecturers and guest lecturers who have presented in certain courses, which brings really interesting perspectives and up-to-date content to class discussions”, Margaret reflected.

3. Opportunities that advance learning experiences

The scholarship has enabled me to seize opportunities for growth by supporting me to moot, compete in club soccer, and really immerse myself in my study. The additional skills and knowledge I’ve gained hold me in excellent stead for my future career.
Lachlan Bellach

While finding studying law “demanding and intense”, for Lachlan “the scholarship has helped by relieving some of the pressure of balancing study and paid work.”

For Kailin, “the scholarship opened up opportunities both inside and outside of the law school!” She participated in two offshore programs, studying Japanese Law in Japan and Jurisprudence in Germany, and went on exchange to Hong Kong, gaining experience as a research assistant and at the United Nations.

The fact that the scholarship still applied during my exchange helped immensely with allowing me to pursue educational and professional opportunities.
Kailin Chen

For Margaret, “the scholarship has allowed me to improve my understanding of complex and developing areas of the law which in turn is assisting me in improving my practice of the law everyday.” 


4. Practical experience with real-world application

“I’ve loved learning how the law resolves real world issues - from the apportionment of risk of personal injury, to when an accused is morally culpable for a crime. Law offers a unique window into the human condition and uncovering the personal stories that have led to its incremental development is fascinating.”

“SULS’ competitions offer incredible opportunities to develop and apply real world legal skills. As a member of the USYD Jessup Moot team I had the chance to develop my oral advocacy and meet inspiring young legal minds from across Australia while debating issues of international law.”

“I found my studies at the law school extremely intellectually challenging and rewarding, and Sydney Law School has amazing connections. I’ve met high court judges, either by having them as a professor or at events organised by the student law society (one of the most active student organisations I’ve seen!)”

“I highly recommend students get involved in the Law Reform Program directed by Professor Simon Rice. Through its partnership with Sydney Law School, I’ve been able to assist the Australian Law Reform Commission with researching aspects of defamation law that might most benefit from reform, which was later included in the Commission’s report on future law reform agenda. This semester, I’ve decided to participate in the program again and will be researching legislative responses to racist conduct in overseas jurisdictions for the Australian Human Rights Commission.”

“I also really enjoyed the Public International Law and International Human Rights Law courses I took with Professors Ben Saul and David Kinley, respectively—both of whom are the top practitioners and academics in this field—which has inspired me to also want to pursue a career in public international law and in particular, in international criminal law. I would love to intern or even work at an international court or tribunal after I graduate.”

“The course content is highly relevant to my work in commercial disputes and has allowed me to participate in industry associations as well as in practising law with an enhanced understanding of complex contemporary issues and an improved ability to communicate those issues and to consider solutions.”

Sydney Law School offers over half a million dollars of undergraduate, juris doctor and postgraduate law scholarships. We aim to attract the world's best students and support their career ambitions. When financial barriers are removed, the doors to opportunity open up.

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