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Reimagining Sydney Law School - the new vision

29 October 2020
Inspiring legal minds with Sydney Law School’s strategic vision
Our 2020-25 strategic vision maintains our tradition of excellence, world-leading status, and deep commitment to law reform and justice, and aims to transform the legal landscape.
As a globally leading law school, our strategy must be clear, compelling and ambitious; enabling us to continue to contribute to emerging problems of global significance and the critical issues of law reform and justice, while maintaining our longstanding tradition of excellence.
Dean and Head of Sydney Law School, Prof Simon Bronitt

This year marks Sydney Law School's 130th anniversary, and we embark on an exciting new chapter with the development and launch of our new aspirational vision and mission, embodied in our 2020-2025 Strategy, Reimagining Sydney Law School, characterised by our shared ambition to inspire legal minds within the Law School, the profession and beyond.

Following consultation across the School’s academic and professional community, students, alumni and donors, the strategy sets out our strategic vision to maintain our tradition of excellence, world-leading status, and deep commitment to law reform and justice, and to transform the legal landscape.

The value of this new strategy lies in the creative process itself, not merely the publication of the plan. Bringing together students, stakeholders and staff, to reimagine the Sydney Law School experience has renewed our focus and reset our priorities. Inspiring times lie ahead.
Dean and Head of Sydney Law School, Prof Simon Bronitt

The strategy is centred around three core pillars - Education, Research, and External Engagement, underpinned by a clear approach to the Law School’s culture, people, resources and governance, and driven by twelve strategic priorities.

Above all, the strategy ensures that students, staff, partnerships and community remain at the heart of the Sydney Law School.

Position academic excellence at the heart of an engaging learning experience that equips graduates for the future.

  • Strive for a vibrant, diverse and innovative culture. Provide a rigorous, academic, contemporary and adaptive legal education.
  • Enrich the student experience through a vibrant, diverse and engaged academic learning community.

Drive world-leading research capability to deliver relevant and impactful research with a wide range of global partners.

  • Drive research of the highest quality and impact that addresses problems of global significance.
  • Grow and diversify research funding.
  • Continue to foster a collaborative and innovative research culture.

Engage in a wide range of local, national and global partnerships to contribute to positive reform and the transformation of society.

  • Develop and deliver on an external engagement strategy guided by the School’s expertise in research and teaching.
  • Raise the profile of the School’s contribution to society through external communication and increased alumni engagement.

Ensure the culture, people, resources and governance are set up to enable the Law School to successfully deliver on their strategy.

  • Strive for a vibrant, diverse and innovative culture. 
  • Embed the School’s Indigenous strategy.
  • Determine the School's ideal size and shape.
  • Advance the School's commitment to sustainability.
  • Adapt and strengthen structures of internal governance and external engagement.

Shaped by our history, reimagining our future

Old Law School building in Phillip Street. Source: University of Sydney Archives [Image ref: G3_224_0967] 

Since our inception in 1890, we have fostered a proud heritage of excellence and leadership, challenging convention and driving law reform and justice. Through our Strategy of re-imagining the future of Sydney Law School, we build on our tradition of excellence, celebrating and harnessing our foundational DNA to transform the legal landscape and society more broadly.

Drawing lessons from our long history of achievement, and wealth of talent across our engaged community of students, alumni and staff, the Law School will forge a path of innovation in education, research and community engagement, while remaining true to our foundational mission of inspiring legal minds.

Join our 130-year celebration

You are invited to attend a special virtual event to celebrate Sydney Law School’s 130-year anniversary, on Thursday 5 November.

The event will bring together staff, students, alumni, special guests and members of the community to celebrate the theme of 'building on the past, inspiring the future'.

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