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2020 News

28 October 2020

Primed for prevention

The Matilda Centre has partnered with fellow leading mental health organisations in Australia to form the Prevention Coalition and release a joint consensus statement highlighting the need to increase investment and action in the prevention of mental disorders.
23 October 2020

Researching cannabis use among individuals with opioid dependence

PhD student Jack Wilson is utilising Australia’s longest and largest running study of people with opioid dependence to understand patterns of cannabis use among this cohort.
23 October 2020

Leaders in Prevention Summit

Key stakeholders in Mental Health and Substance Use prevention gather to shape a national preventative initiative.
23 October 2020

Researching the mental health of marginalised communities

We speak to Dr Marlee Bower about her research on the relationships between the built environment, loneliness, and mental health. She also tells us about a new project she’s leading known as the Alone Together Study which is measuring the impacts of COVID-19 on Australians’ mental wellbeing.
23 October 2020

Youth Mental Health Forum

This Mental Health Month the Matilda Centre hosted the #youthgotthis Youth Mental Health Forum to bring together young people, parents, educators, health workers and researchers to facilitate an online discussion and live Q&A moderated by television presenter and Mental Health Advocate, Jessica Rowe.
05 August 2020

Research funding to further support the mental health of Australians

More than $3million in funding has been awarded to two Matilda Centre academics for projects on unifying prevention of substance use and mental disorders; and treatment of child and adolescent trauma.

05 August 2020

Childhood adversity and substance use: exploring the connection and how to prevent harms

Roughly 40% of people have experienced childhood adversity and subsequently, have a substantially greater risk of developing substance use problems than those who have not had these experiences.

05 August 2020

Empowering young people to support each other and develop lifelong skills

We spoke to Dr Louise Birrell about her work in adolescent mental health and alcohol prevention and the new app she is developing called Mind your Mate.

05 August 2020

2020 PREMISE Career Development Support Grants awarded

The Matilda Centre has awarded a third round of PREMISE Career Development Support Grants, providing support for career development activities for early to mid-career researchers or research students.

03 August 2020

New culturally inclusive program for school-based drug prevention

An upcoming trial provides an exciting opportunity for 24 Australian high schools to be among the first to implement a new, culturally inclusive, school-based, drug and alcohol program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and non-Indigenous students.