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04 October 2022

MDMA and mood: starting the PhD journey

We sat down with PhD student, Zachary Bryant, to chat about his research in understanding the relationship between MDMA (ecstasy), mental health, and addiction; and the implications for novel psychedelic treatments. Zac also shares some of the items in his 'mental health and well being toolkit' and his love of football.
04 October 2022

Digital intervention engagement: reducing chronic disease risk and improving mental health

We spoke to research fellow Dr Louise Thornton, program lead in digital interventions and engagement at the Matilda Centre about her switch from opera singing to research, generating ideas, and addressing the low adoption and adherence of digital health interventions.
23 September 2022

Positive Action: Science and psychology to support young Australians with climate distress

The Matilda Centre and Net Zero Initiative bring you "Positive Action: Science and psychology to support young Australians with climate distress" to discuss the mental health impacts of climate change, arm young people with practical coping strategies, and discover Net Zero solutions that industry can implement to bring about change.
09 August 2022

Opportunity for young LGBTQ+ people to join a Youth Advisory Committee

The Matilda Centre has a unique opportunity for gender and/or sexuality diverse (LGBTQ+) young people aged 16-20 years to join a Youth Advisory Committee to advise a PhD project.
05 August 2022

Winners announced for the Matilda Viz competition

Meet the winners of the 2022 Matilda Viz competition and learn about the visual data representations they created.
22 July 2022

2022 PREMISE Seed Funding and Career Development Grants Awarded

The Matilda Centre has awarded a fifth round of PREMISE Seed Funding and Career Development Support Grants. These unique grants will provide support for valuable career development activities for research students and early to mid-career researchers.
21 July 2022

A new generation of mental health and substance use researchers

NHMRC, PREMISE, and Matilda Centre PhD scholarship recipients share their upcoming research projects.
08 July 2022

Celebrating achievements from our Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board has launched a national survey asking young people about the most important issues in mental health and substance use research. This group of young Australians have also presented at key mental health conferences and welcomed three new members.
08 July 2022

Translating mental health and substance use prevention research to school communities

We spoke to Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Emma Devine, about her journey to research translation and application, and two projects she manages at the Matilda Centre.
06 May 2022

The Matilda Viz competition

The Matilda Centre’s inaugural data visualisation competition is now close, and the winners have been chosen.