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Why study clinical epidemiology?

4 reasons to study clinical epidemiology at the University of Sydney
Clinical epidemiology is the science behind good clinical research and evidence-based clinical decision making. Our program, targeted at healthcare professionals and clinical researchers, is designed and delivered by leading clinical epidemiologists with clinical backgrounds who have extensive experience in doing clinical research.

Here are 4 reasons you should study clinical epidemiology at the University of Sydney.

1. Build a solid foundation for clinical research

You will receive rigorous, structured end-to-end training enabling you to contribute at all  stages along the clinical research pathway – concept, design, statistical analysis, translating into practice and implementing in policy and guidelines. Most students aim to do research projects that are part of their clinical training requirements, but some proceed to do a PhD to become a career clinical researcher.

Winnie, Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology)
"The clinical epidemiology program is uniquely designed to be both highly practical and very challenging. I acquired tremendous practical health research skills that gave me the confidence to establish a core cancer research team at the National Cancer Centre in Cambodia.”
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2. Learn evidence-based clinical practice

Learning the skills required to do high quality clinical research underpins and drives evidence-based clinical practice. You will acquire the skills to find, interpret and evaluate research evidence to improve patient care and health outcomes. 

3. Learn from experts in clinical epidemiology

As a clinical epidemiology student, you will learn from leading clinical epidemiologists with clinical backgrounds who have extensive experience in doing clinical research.

You’ll learn from:

4. Flexible study options

Our clinical epidemiology programs are designed with busy professionals in mind. They can be completed 100% online, with part and full-time study options available.

Most subjects do not have fixed-time components such as webinars, allowing you to study at your own pace. Some subjects have optional face-to-face components for students who want some on-campus experience. You only pay for the units you enrol in each semester and your course may be tax deductible. 

Who should study this course?

Our courses are designed for:

  • Health care professionals, clinical researchers and health decision makers who want to learn clinical research methods
  • Health care professionals who want to learn evidence-based practice skills.

What can you study?

* A successful applicant for admission to the Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) requires the University of Sydney Doctor of Medicine (MD) or equivalent qualification. 

Other health professionals, clinical researchers and medical students may be eligible to enter the Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) degree.  

Still have questions? 

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22 June 2021