compass einscribed with R.B.Mc

Instrumental 3

Collections from Science: Surveying
Exploring measuring and mapping, this is the third display in our ongoing series featuring scientific instruments from the Macleay Collections.

Surveying is the science of measuring and mapping Earth’s surfaces using specialised tools and mathematics. It has been taught at the University of Sydney since engineering education was established in 1883. Fields included land, engineering, mining, hydrographic, aerial, and geodetic surveying. Whereas the core tools of the 19th-century surveyor had been the circumferentor, measuring chain and theodolite, today’s surveying instruments utilise computers, Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Most instruments on display have come from the School of Civil Engineering. Several were transferred to the School from the NSW Surveyor-General’s Office (SGO) in the early 20th century and were used until the 1960s.

Header image: Azimuth compass, SC1994.29