How I found my rhythm as a contemporary musician

7 August 2023
In the latest edition of our Find Your Rhythm series, we learn how producer, songwriter, and musician Jerome Blazé found his unique place in Australia's popular music scene.
Con alumnus Jerome Blazé.

Con alumnus Jerome Blazé. 
Image by James Tarbotton

When Jerome Blazé began making his own music in high school, he knew he had discovered a lifelong passion. Growing up in the serene Southern Highlands of NSW, Jerome hungered for more exposure to music and culture.

“Moving to Sydney and studying at the Con really opened up my world. Even just going to regular local gigs was such an exciting thing for me.”

Initially, Jerome's dream was to be signed by a record label, but that dream would evolve once he began university. His time at the Con expanded his understanding of the industry and revealed to him a broader range of opportunities.

“During and after my studies at the Con, having a career in music started to become more of a reality with me releasing more music, producing and co-writing friends' music, playing as a touring keyboardist and teaching," he reflects.

Jerome's experience at the Con played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Immersed in a vibrant environment filled with talented students and faculty, Jerome's passion for collaboration flourished.

“Collaboration has since become a core part of my own music, as well as being the catalyst for beginning to work as a producer with other artists,” he shares.

The Contemporary Music Practice program at the Con nurtured a strong sense of community for Jerome, fostering valuable connections that continue to impact his professional endeavours. He learned to effectively communicate and collaborate with musicians from diverse backgrounds, a skill that became central to his own music and paved the way for his work as a producer.

“I’ve since realised that this sense of community is such an important part of how you present yourself as an artist as well as create a sustainable creative practice," shares Jerome. "Whether it be playing in my band, producing for artists, recording session instrumentalists, many of the people I work with today are people I met at uni.”

Since graduating, Jerome has made his dream of a music career a tangible reality. With a range of ventures across teaching, music production, commercial projects, and touring with other artists, Jerome keeps his creative journey dynamic and self-sustaining.

“Despite working across different areas, it’s all just music. Each thing feeds back into the other, helping me feel fresh and more inspired when I come back to working on my own music,” he shares, adding that it's also important not to overcommit.

“You just need to be careful that you don’t spread yourself too thin - it’s a fine balance!”

Jerome has achieved notable success, with his distinct genre-blending sound gaining recognition from Triple J and FBi Radio, selling out headline shows, and touring with Australian artist Ngaiire.

Reflecting on his career highlights thus far, he identifies the release of his debut album, Giver in 2022 as a one of his proudest achievements.

“The release of my debut album last year was very rewarding. Though releasing music digitally can often feel a bit distant from reality, the albums accompanying headline show was a really joyous experience.”

He recently released his first single since his debut album, Waking Up, with more releases and perfromances to come. With an eye toward the future, he eagerly envisions larger projects on the horizon for 2024.

Jerome offers a handy tip for future Con students, emphasising the usefulness of assignments as opportunities to create music intended for release.

“Most of my music that I've released so far was the result of a uni assignment. Deadlines are the best!”

He also encourages aspiring artists to embrace collaboration and make the most of the talent-rich environment they find themselves in.

“You don’t realise how lucky you are to be in a place brimming with such talent until you’re out!”

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Header image by James Tarbotton

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