2018 news


07 December 2018

University of Sydney researchers win big at Royal Society of NSW

Sydney scientists and researchers recognised with five of seven awards for 2018 by the Royal Society of NSW, Australia's oldest learned society.
29 November 2018

$37 million funding for University of Sydney research

The University of Sydney has secured over $37 million of funding across a wide range of areas including food insecurity, gravitational waves, and Indigenous disability in rural and remote areas.
02 November 2018

Quantum on the edge: Light shines on new pathway for quantum tech

In a world-first demonstration of topologically protected biphoton states, physicist Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo has opened up a pathway to use light to develop a new type of qubit, the building blocks for quantum computers.
18 October 2018

Sydney Nano announces its five Grand Challenge projects

Professor Ben Eggleton has outlined the defining projects that will shape the direction of Sydney Nano following a competitive process that attracted high-quality applications from across the University of Sydney community.
28 September 2018

University team develops antibacterial surfaces for bone implants

A University team has found a solution to tackle the infection rate following joint replacement surgery by developing a non-toxic silver nanoparticle plasma coating.
26 September 2018

Photonic chips harness sound waves to speed up local networks

Acoustic noise in chips used to be a nuisance. Now scientists at the University of Sydney Nano Institute have developed a technique to put it to use in receivers of information in fibre-optic networks.
04 September 2018

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer wins RK Murphy Medal

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, from the School of Chemistry, has won the 2018 RK Murphy Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
29 August 2018

Eureka Prizes: Sydney scoops the pool for science leadership

The University of Sydney celebrates our world-class academics who have taken four awards at the annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes in a ceremony at Sydney Town Hall.
27 July 2018

A year of world-changing innovations

From 3D printed bones and new drugs that combat addiction to an iWitness app that aids convictions and prevents miscarriages of justice, the University is a hub of innovation.
09 July 2018

Sydney Nano AeroEV team wins the The Big Idea prize for 2018

A proposed innovative technology that can deliver nanoscale messengers to the lungs wins $45,000 pre-seed funding from Sydney Research for Wojtek Chrzanowski's Pharmacy group.