2019 news


11 December 2019

$10.5m facility to boost bioengineering research

The University of Sydney has provided $10.5 million to create a bioengineering facility "that brings together excellence in research and teaching in service of better health outcomes for us all."
20 November 2019

Anita Ho-Baillie announced as inaugural John Hooke Chair of Nanoscience

A world-leading expert in solar cell research, Anita Ho-Baillie will next year join Sydney Nano and the Faculty of Science as our first Chair of Nanoscience.
15 November 2019

More than $7 million awarded to Sydney researchers

The University of Sydney has secured funding for 19 research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards.
14 November 2019

Nanoscale neural network developed with Japan and US researchers

Neuromorphic network developed by Professor Zdenka Kuncic in collaboration with UCLA and the Japanese National Institute of Materials Science exhibited emergent brain-like behaviour resembling some cognitive functions.
30 October 2019

University of Sydney team wins global BioMod competition

Students from the University of Sydney have come first in a global competition to make 'the coolest stuff out of the molecules of life'. Contestants included Imperial College London, Ohio State University, University of British Columbia and University of Tokyo.
28 October 2019

Second cohort of Robinson Fellows announced

The second cohort of researchers to receive a four-year fellowship named after the University of Sydney's first Nobel Prize winner has been announced.
25 October 2019

Multimillion-dollar centre opens to investigate the molecules of life

The new ARC centre will discover, decode and develop molecules for health, industry and agriculture. The largest research node will be at the University of Sydney, led by Professor Kate Jolliffe.
25 October 2019

Making paper recycling in China more sustainable

Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co in Guangdong, a paper recycling and manufacturing company, has partnered with the University of Sydney's Waste Transformation Research Hub (WTRH).

17 October 2019

Associate Professor Liz New wins a Prime Minister's Prize for Science

Associate Professor Liz New, from the School of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, has won the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year.
30 September 2019

Make like a leaf: researchers developing method to convert CO2

University of Sydney researchers are drawing inspiration from leaves to reduce carbon emissions, using nanotechnology to develop a method for 'carbon photosynthesis' that they hope will one day be adopted on an industrial-scale.