2019 news


09 March 2019

Universities welcome NSW Government backing for Sydney Quantum Academy

The University of Sydney is working with three other universities to establish the Sydney Quantum Academy, helping to ensure that cutting-edge quantum research translates into a sustainable industry and jobs.
01 March 2019

New molecule that relaxes blood vessels discovered

Chemical detective work by researchers at the Victor Chang Institute and the University of Sydney have uncovered a new molecule which controls relaxation of blood vessels during inflammation
28 February 2019

Sydney physicists use code to reduce quantum error in logic gates

Error detection in logic gates opens path to further improvements in quantum computers. Dr Robin Harper and Professor Steven Flammia have applied codes to IBM's quantum computer to achieve a world-first result.
27 February 2019

Gelion batteries to help power the renewables revolution

As we switch from fossil fuels to renewables, storage systems will become vital, says Professor Thomas Maschmeyer. Gelion's battery storage platform can help provide capacity for a post-carbon economy.
14 January 2019

ARC funding for food safety and in vitro blood vessel model

New sensors to detect contaminated food and in vitro development of human blood vessels are projects that have received funding through the federal government's ARC Linkage Project scheme.