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08 March 2016

A hot house of women composers sets up at The Con

Historically classical music composers have been mostly men and still today women only make up 26 per cent of composers registered with the Australian Music Centre. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music will launch the first national women composers development program this month to address the gender imbalance in music composition in Australia.

08 March 2016

Male circumcision: latest population figures revealed

Globally, one-third of males aged 15 and above are circumcised but male circumcision is almost universal in countries where the Muslim and Jewish faith are commonplace, according to the most accurate estimate among the world’s 237 countries.

08 March 2016

Activity monitoring devices could become instrumental in cardiac rehabilitation

Fitbit device helps monitor physical activity levels of cardiac patients.

08 March 2016

Free Macleay Museum exhibition visualises climate data

Rapid Prototyping: Models of Climate Change is an exhibition of the work of Kate Dunn, who takes climate scientists’ data and reworks them into 3D visualisations using 3D printers and sustainable materials such as clay, coffee and wood pulp. 

08 March 2016

Why sexual harassment by customers goes unreported

New research from the University of Sydney Business School has investigated customer perpetrated sexual harassment and examined the coping mechanisms used by young waitresses, shop assistants and bartenders.