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18 March 2016

Could a sugary drinks tax improve Australian diets?

Soft drink consumption increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. Does Australia need a sugar tax too, asks Dr Belinda Reeve.

18 March 2016

Health professionals lack knowledge about female genital mutilation

Health practitioners need more resources and expert guidelines to provide appropriate medical and psychological treatment for women and girls that have had female genital mutilation or cutting, says a new review of the evidence by University of Sydney scholars. 

18 March 2016

Tinder users find love at second swipe

New research from the School of Psychology published in Science Reports reveals people using online dating apps are more likely to rate a face as attractive if the preceding face is also attractive. 

18 March 2016

Why being fat is an advantage for ants

Lean forager ants suffer malnutrition faster and die earlier than their fatter nest-based worker ant counterparts, according to new research co-authored by a University of Sydney researcher.

18 March 2016

Do you really need to go to hospital? Time to recentre the health system

Hospitals dominate our health-care system and account for more than one-third of Australia’s AUD$150 billion-plus health budget. Pressure is growing on hospital services and costs are spiralling.