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17 August 2016

Sydney at Rio - our athletes progress

Stay in touch with all the latest action featuring our athletes in Rio and when to catch them next. 

17 August 2016

Community classrooms – students meet local needs while learning

Students embark on an opportunity to work with Aboriginal communities on a range of critical projects.

17 August 2016

Unique learning hubs established in Kakadu, far west NSW and the Tiwi Islands

Students to work with Aboriginal communities on a range of critical projects.

16 August 2016

Sydney at Rio: two silver and a bronze add to our tally

In a blockbuster first week at Rio 2016 our athletes have continued to excel winning two silver and a bronze to add to Chloe Dalton's gold in the Rugby Sevens. Our total would see us sitting at 35th on the country tally rankings – ahead of Ireland, Slovenia and Romania.

16 August 2016

A winning strategy for the RoboCup

This observation by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre has been cited in multiple contexts, ranging from tactical planning in team sports, to game-theoretic modelling of microeconomics, to full-blown robotic warfare.

The common thread in all these studies is conflict: adversarial interactions bring about a disorganisation that can disrupt the most prepared of schemes.

16 August 2016

Research excellence drives Australia's top veterinary school

The University's breadth of research in the sciences includes outstanding work in veterinary and animal sciences, to address the world's biggest and most complex challenges.

16 August 2016

Delving into Hong Kong’s health data

Hong Kong's population has been combining traditional Chinese medicine and western therapies for decades. Now a specialist group including researchers from the University of Sydney and the Chinese University of Hong Kong has joined forces to analyse the island's largely untapped healthcare records.

16 August 2016

Going for … green? Why Rio’s swimming pools are changing colour

How does a sudden algae bloom, a change in pool alkalinity, or a chemical reaction in water, cause a change in the water colour?

15 August 2016

Continuing the conversation with Linda Burney MP

After speaking passionately about the issue of girls’ education at a special Sydney Ideas event last week, the Federal Member for Barton, Linda Burney sat down with Media and Communications student, Angela Wilcox to talk more about the issue and what students can do to make a difference.

15 August 2016

Science of Chocolate

A crisis is looming as the demand for chocolate grows year-by-year.