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08 November 2016

Natural disasters affect some of the most disadvantaged

Australian-first research has identified a disaster hotspot where many disadvantaged communities are located, indicating socio-economic status can determine whether hazards become disasters - but urban areas are not immune.

07 November 2016

5 experts reveal their top tips for summer

Summer is on the horizon and with it comes concern about sun exposure, heat related-illness and the increased risk of bushfires. Our experts provide recommendations for a healthy and safe summer. 

07 November 2016

Early planned birth linked to risk of poor child development

Children born following planned births before 39 weeks have a heightened risk of poor child development at school age, University of Sydney research shows.

07 November 2016

Trauma mortality declines in regional and remote NSW

Hospital inpatient deaths caused by major trauma have fallen in regional NSW following changes to the state trauma management system, new research shows.

07 November 2016

Innovation wins

Postgraduate and research students completed a unique pilot program to drive innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration on campus.

04 November 2016

Students work to invent the future

PhD student Xanthe Croot from the School of Physics, recently took part in the inaugural, cross-discipinary Inventing the Future program.

03 November 2016

How first born children are given an advantage

Studies show kids born earlier in the family enjoy better wages and education, Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez and Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero explain why.

03 November 2016

Professor Steve Vucic wins Eric Susman Prize

Neurologist recognised for pioneering research

03 November 2016

Sydney student newspaper preserved for the ages

The University of Sydney Honi Soit Digital Archive is now live, providing easy online access to issues of the student newspaper from 1929 to 1990. 

03 November 2016

Apple’s new Touch Bar: a breakthrough or commonsense?

Apple is back in the media thanks to the company's new 'Touch Bar'. It might seem like a simple idea, but it builds on a long history of 'human-computer interaction' research, writes Associate Professor Martin Tomitsch.