30 June 2017

Harvesting knowledge

Agricultural scientists are working with the Indigenous community, farmers and food processors in Narrabri to understand and share knowledge about the biology and ecology of native food plants, and their agricultural potential.

30 June 2017

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, we caught up with Professor David Guest, our favourite chocolate scientist (perhaps that just makes him our favourite scientist) to find out about the state of the food of the gods.

30 June 2017

How to grow food in the post-truth era

The democratic governance of food and agriculture policy is under threat, writes Dr Alana Mann. So how do we grow food in the post-truth era?

30 June 2017

Indigenous students prepare for final exams on campus

The University of Sydney is hosting 29 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Year 12 students during NAIDOC Week, providing academic support, networking opportunities and workshops on pathways to higher education. 

30 June 2017

First cadets from Poche Centre for Indigenous Health graduate

The first intake of students in the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health's scholarship program have graduated at a ceremony held at the Charles Perkins Centre leading up to NAIDOC Week 2017. 

30 June 2017

The yoga paradox: how yoga can cause pain and treat it

Associate Professor Evangelos Pappas discusses new research highlighting the complex relationship between yoga and musculoskeletal pain, the second most common cause of disability worldwide.

29 June 2017

US Air Force energy use efficiency bolstered by our graduate

What do you do once you’ve completed your science and law degrees? In Henry Bilinsky’s case, you start your own company and win a contract with the US Air Force.

29 June 2017

Boosting jobs key to unlocking doctor shortage

Boosting job opportunities is the key to unlocking doctor shortages in the Central West, says Dr Mark Arnold, head of the University of Sydney's School of Rural Health.

28 June 2017

Yoga riskier than thought for causing body pain: research

Yoga may not be as 'safe' as first thought, with new research from the Faculty of Health Sciences finding it can cause musculoskeletal pain just like any other exercise.

27 June 2017

Will Australians ever give up Uber?

Dr Rohan Miller and Dr David Oliver from the University of Sydney Business School explain Uber's growing problems and the possibility of Australians discontinuing their use of the popular ride-sharing service.