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University of Sydney Open Day 2017

4 things to do on Open Day to prepare for your future

8 August 2017

The world is going through unprecedented change. Experts predict that some of today's traditional jobs will be unrecognisable or obsolete within the next 15 to 20 years.

In fact the World Economic Forum has forecast that the rapid evolution of technology will make almost 5 million jobs extinct by 2020.* So how do you navigate through this labyrinth of change and prepare yourself for an unknown future?

We’ve put together 4 things to do on Open Day to help you get started.

1. Think about widening your skillset

Young people can expect to change careers at least seven times over the course of their lives. We know that adapting to new jobs and work environments is challenging, that’s why we are changing the way we teach and how you learn, to prepare you for future challenges.

Our Sydney Undergraduate Experience will equip you with a broader set of skills to capitalise on a world full of new possibilities. You can upskill in entrepreneurial thinking, persuasive communication, collaboration and problem solving by taking on-demand and workshop-supported courses in our Open Learning Environment. These skills are critical to success in any future job.

To allow you to both pursue your dream career and gain a range of skills that employers are looking for, we offer many degrees across a broad range of disciplines. For example, our Bachelor of Design Computing and Bachelor of Music provide specialised and creative-driven training to prepare you for a variety of new careers, some of which may not even exist yet.

Attend the Sydney Undergraduate Experience talk to get better prepared for the future of work.

The Sydney Undergraduate Experience

2. Discover new career paths

When you’re choosing a degree, it’s understandable to be concerned about future employability. However, it is important to take into account what you’re most interested in and the fields that leverage your natural strength. Generally you will perform better when you do a course that you are intrinsically interested in.

Our combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies supercharges your undergraduate experience. It allows you to specialise in a primary field of study as well as combine many interests from other disciplines, through a shared pool of majors and minors. This degree will give you exposure to different career paths and skills that fall outside the trajectory of traditional fields.

Chat to us at the course advice centres and find a path that most interests you.

3. Look into overseas study – make the world your campus

While you think about your university and course options, it’s also a good time to consider exchange and overseas internship opportunities – see the world.

Going on exchange gives you significant personal and academic benefits. You will:

  • gain a rich understanding of another culture
  • expand your language skills
  • complete your studies in a new setting
  • meet lifelong friends
  • rise to new challenges
  • develop a global perspective and skills that will set you apart from other job candidates.

The Sydney Undergraduate Experience provides more opportunities for students to study internationally and build skills to work effectively in intercultural settings than ever before.

Make the world your campus – come along to one of the Study Abroad and Exchange mini-lectures to see where an exchange can take you!

4. Put your entrepreneurial thinking cap on

Our students, armed with a laptop and an internet connection, have created global businesses while studying.

We have made a big commitment to supporting our students to develop and realise bold and innovative ideas. You will find invaluable opportunities to realise your vision and meet like-minded people on campus. Why wait for the job of the future when you can invent it yourself? We’ll give you the tools to kickstart your career and be a step ahead of everyone else.

Learn how to leverage your time at university to foster your future entrepreneurial career, potentially launch your first start-up or work for an innovative company at our talk, ‘A guide to university for entrepreneurs’.

Need more ideas to help you get prepared for your future job? Join us on Saturday 25 August to take your first step on your journey to university and a bright future. Start planning your day at

Facts & figures

Why Sydney?

  • 1st in Australia for graduate employability (1)
  • $84 million in scholarships offered every year
  • 100+ majors and minors to combine your interests across disciplines
  • 200+ clubs and societies to enrich your student experience
  • 300+ partner universities to combine study and travel
  • 400+ study areas to design the right degree for you