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11 September 2017

Business School takes "extraordinary" leap in elite FT world rankings

The University of Sydney Business School's flagship program remains at number one in Australia for the fifth successive year and has leapt into the world's top 25 in rankings published by London-based Financial Times.
11 September 2017

Linguistics professor dissects language to unlearn truth

Professor Nick Enfield, Director of the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre, explains his interest in linguistics, his goal to unlearn 'truth', and teaches us how to identify bullshit.

11 September 2017

New spray dryer boosts efficiency and cost savings for industry

A new spray dryer developed by chemical engineers at the University of Sydney could offer food and medicine businesses a more efficient and cost-effective method for producing their goods.

11 September 2017

How to prevent crime before it happens

How do we encourage people not to break the law? Dr Garner Clancey from Sydney Law School joins Open for Discussion to chat crime statistics and the strategies used today to prevent crimes.