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27 September 2017

Explainer: How do kids develop food allergies?

Scientists and doctors are trying to understand food allergies better. How do people develop these allergies? Dr Lucinda Berglund, an expert in allergies and immunology at the University of Sydney, explains.

27 September 2017

Digging deep with Sydney Institute of Agriculture

Professor Alex McBratney, Sydney Institute of Agriculture director and soil fanatic, discusses his journey to Sydney from Scotland and what has kept him here.

27 September 2017

New food and agriculture not as we know it

The National Farmers' Federation launched the Sydney Institute of Agriculture with director Professor Alex McBratney, calling for a New Agriculture to address noble and global challenges while giving consumers what they want.

27 September 2017

Harnessing long-term data key to meeting fitness goals

While FitBits, Apple Watches and Garmin sportswatches have motivated people to get more active, a new University of Sydney study has revealed that activity tracker users are missing out on key opportunities to meet their health and fitness goals.

27 September 2017

University of Sydney partners with German Aerospace Centre

A new partnership will see the University of Sydney work closely with Germany's national space agency the German Aerospace CenterĀ (DLR) on new space engineering projects.