17 January 2018

Billions could be saved in shipping, aquaculture

Sydney scientists have developed nanowrinkled coatings that could avoid the build-up of damaging biological material and save some of the $320 million annually spent by the Australian shipping industry because of biofouling.
16 January 2018

Oral health research receives $2.5 million boost

Traditionally, the health system has separated dentistry and medicine, but the Chair of Lifespan Oral Health is challenging that divide – thanks to a philanthropist’s visionary gift.
15 January 2018

Summer school inspires Indigenous teens to pursue university

Over 150 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students will attend the University of Sydney this summer, as faculties collaborate to provide a week-long program encouraging participation in higher education.
12 January 2018

For women fighting the gender pay gap discrimination law is limited

Discrimination law has limited capacity to address the gender pay gap, writes legal expert Alice Orchiston.
12 January 2018

NSW teens control NASA robots on the International Space Station

Students from five New South Wales schools controlled NASA robots on the International Space Station as part of the global Zero Robotics international coding competition.
11 January 2018

Most read academic papers of 2017

Coral bleaching, DNA and neanderthals, the health benefits of being a "weekend warrior" and which sports will help you live longer all made the Top 100 most read academic papers in 2017.
11 January 2018

Report on vaccine preventable deaths a reminder to parents

A new report reveals how successful immunisation has been in dramatically reducing the number of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in Australia.
09 January 2018

What can I eat to stop mosquito bites?

Many of the myths surrounding food and drink that deter mosquitoes are too hard to swallow, writes Dr Cameron Webb.