22 March 2018

How artists can help doctors conquer dangerous lifestyle diseases

In the fight against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, art can reach the public with messages health professionals find hard to convey, writes Alana Valentine, writer-in-residence at the Charles Perkins Centre.
22 March 2018

Too many back pain patients receiving the wrong care

A new series in the Lancet, featuring University of Sydney authors, reveals a global epidemic of inappropriate tests and treatments for back pain, such as imaging, opioids and surgery.
22 March 2018

Country Women's Association backs scholarship in food security

Thanks to a major donation from the Country Women's Association of NSW, a new PhD scholarship will support a student working to develop a sustainable approach to nutrition.
22 March 2018

3D printing moves into biomedical engineering

3D printing was a revelation. Now, it's a revolution, with biomedical 3D printing promising to create human tissue and body parts. Our researchers lead the field as they work to repair damaged heart tissue and replace bone.