17 July 2018

6 ways politics "trumps" health in America

The Trump Administration has shown time and time again that public health takes a backseat to political promises, writes public health law experts Professor Lawrence Gostin and Professor Roger Magnusson.
17 July 2018

A head and a heart for business

Successful business woman, Mary Henderson, knows opportunity doesn't come to everyone. Mature-age study at the University of Sydney confirmed that idea, as she worked to advance causes important to her.

17 July 2018

New discovery a game changer in diagnosing genetic heart disease

Researchers have discovered that whole genome sequencing can boost the diagnostic pick-up rate in people with cardiomyopathy, a common genetic heart condition, by up to 20 percent.
17 July 2018

Changing rooms: Advanced design explores new adaptive living

Explore the future of apartment living: The University of Sydney undertakes new research into housing needs and reveals an exciting apartment prototype that allows residents to adapt internal space to suit their living needs.
16 July 2018

Work begins on the Chau Chak Wing Museum

The University's new Chau Chak Wing Museum will house collections from the Macleay and Nicholson Museums and University Art Gallery, showcasing some of Australia's most significant works.
16 July 2018

Tongue-tied horses: why this can be an issue in Australian racing

As ABC's Four Corners showed last week, the use of tongue ties in Australian racehorses is much more prevalent than elsewhere. Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science Paul McGreevy explains why this matters.
16 July 2018

Sydney Analytical launches world-class facility for researchers

The University of Sydney unveils its newest core facility, Sydney Analytical, with capabilities in spectroscopy, x-ray analysis, chemical characterisation, training and access for industry.
12 July 2018

The family that's part of University history

For almost as long as it's been possible for women to study at the University of Sydney, women from Anne Bollen's family have been here. That proud tradition continues.

12 July 2018

Architecture boosted by major gift from Susan and Garry Rothwell

A high-profile Sydney couple say too many of our city's big building projects go to international firms. They plan to 'turbocharge' Australian architecture with a generous donation.
11 July 2018

Volunteers shine at University archaeology dig

Archaeologists don't see much Indiana Jones-style action, but at a long-running University dig in Cyprus, archaeology professionals and volunteers share the adventure.