24 October 2018

Global gathering of First Nations gathers pace

First Nations people from across the globe will attend the eighth Gathering of Healing Our Spirit Worldwide on Cadigal Country in Sydney next month, to build solutions for First Nations communities.
22 October 2018

What is a hung parliament and how does it affect legislation?

Have you ever wondered exactly what a hung parliament is, what it means for the House of Representatives and the implications for our governance? University of Sydney's Anne Twomey, Professor of Constitutional Law, explains.
22 October 2018

Brush turkeys in suburbia: there's an app for that

A research collaboration between the University of Sydney, Taronga Conservation Society and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will help PhD student Matthew Hall better understand the migration and social habits of the native brush turkey in urban environments.
22 October 2018

A dog's colour could impact longevity, increase health problems

New research led by the University of Sydney has revealed the life expectancy of chocolate Labradors is significantly lower than their black and yellow counterparts.
20 October 2018

Vice-Chancellor's Achievement Awards 2018

Three outstanding international graduates of the University of Sydney are being honoured this evening by receiving University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor's Achievement Awards for 2018.
19 October 2018

First female appointed Dean of Architecture, Design and Planning

The University of Sydney announces internal appointment of Professor Robyn Dowling as next Head of School and Dean of Architecture, Design and Planning
19 October 2018

Software to prevent exam cheating wins Sydney Genesis funding

An inexpensive and scalable exam laptop that deters hacking and cheating was among the winners of the University of Sydney Business School's Sydney Genesis final pitch night.
18 October 2018

Sydney could move away from centralised CBD model

A multidisciplinary team at the University has found that Sydney could soon transform from a monocentric urban model to a polycentric one - but the shift isn't likely to be influenced by lengthy commute times
18 October 2018

Did eating starchy foods give humans an evolutionary advantage?

Gene AMY1, which kickstarts digestion of starch in the mouth, is associated with blood glucose levels and digestion of carbohydrates, with implications for understanding human evolutionary biology and the gut microbiome.
18 October 2018

Sydney Nano announces its five Grand Challenge projects

Professor Ben Eggleton has outlined the defining projects that will shape the direction of Sydney Nano following a competitive process that attracted high-quality applications from across the University of Sydney community.