31 January 2019

8 ways to learn more about Shakespeare

Ahead of the international conference "Shakespeare FuturEd" at the University this week, here are eight ways scholars, teachers and practitioners are exploring the enduring relevancy of The Bard at Sydney.
31 January 2019

Constitutional monarchy and royal assent for government bills

There has been recent speculation that governments could advise royal assent not be granted if bills are passed against their wishes. Professor Anne Twomey from Sydney Law School explains why this is very unlikely to happen.
31 January 2019

What will rising temperatures mean for the future of work?

A University of Sydney expert will urge for the future of work debate to be re-framed in the face of climate change at the Sydney Environment Institute's inaugural Iain McCalman Lecture on 6 February.
31 January 2019

Australia Day list celebrates excellence in the University community

The University of Sydney congratulates all members of our community who have been recognised for their work in the 2019 Australia Day Honours List.
30 January 2019

Sydney scientists named on Periodic Table of younger chemists

This year is the UN's International Year of the Periodic Table of elements. To help celebrate, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has named Associate Professor Elizabeth New and Professor Richard Payne as selenium and iron.
30 January 2019

Study shows dangerous bee virus might be 'innocent bystander'

Research by Professor Madeleine Beekman means the Australian honey bee industry might need to rethink its approach to preparing for the arrival of the Varroa mite, which threatens local bee populations.
30 January 2019

INSPIRED! $1 billion philanthropic achievement

The University of Sydney has reached its $1 billion target following an epic philanthropic campaign - the most successful of any university in the nation.
25 January 2019

Not all sunshine: the dangers of heatwaves

Three experts from engineering and health sciences share how long, hot spells affect us and what they mean for our health and public infrastructure.
24 January 2019

Back to School: preparing for the new year

The first day of school can be exciting yet daunting for pupils, parents and teachers. University of Sydney education, tech and health experts share their evidence-based advice.
24 January 2019

Study shows same-sex marriage vote damaged LGBT mental health

A survey of lesbian, gay and bisexual Australians has shown that exposure to negative sentiment during the same-sex marriage debate led to increased mental stress in the LGBT community.