12 July 2019

Why cultural competence is important

As Australia celebrates NAIDOC Week 2019, we talk to Rebecca Halliday, Sydney's new Director of Indigenous External Relationship Development, about why the University's focus on cultural competence is so important.
12 July 2019

Designed in Italy. Made in Australia.

Through research, a series of original work and new documentation, the exhibition Designed in Italy. Made in Australia, will for the first time, showcase the comprehensive work developed during the 1960s and 70s by world-famous Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi.
12 July 2019

Eating a bit less reduces heart attack risk, study shows

The first international study of moderate calorie restriction in non-obese people with clinically normal risk factors, centred in the United States, has noted significantly reduced risk of heart attack, even in young adults.
12 July 2019

2019 ABC Top 5 Humanities Media Residencies announced

The winners of the 2019 ABC Top 5 Humanities and Social Sciences Media Residencies have been announced, supported by the University of Sydney.
12 July 2019

A fish called Wakanda a new species of fairy wrasse

Inspired by the Marvel film Black Panther, Yi-Kai Tea has named a new species of fairy wrasse after the fictional country Wakanda. Mr Tea believes taxonomy is a vital component in conservation science.