22 May 2020

Philanthropy supports new Indigenous healthcare model

Donation enables social and emotional wellbeing and scholarships to become part of Indigenous health course.
22 May 2020

Genome technology to save Australia's unique biodiversity

Australia is one of the most biologically unique and diverse countries in the world. But 480 animals and 1294 plants are listed as threatened. The Threatened Species Initiative aims to help protect them.
22 May 2020

Stitch in time: how a quantum physicist made new code from old tricks

Building large-scale quantum computers will require suppression of errors. Dr Ben Brown has used a neat trick to apply powerful 3D error-suppression codes in a 2D architecture, something one industry insider said many thought was impossible.
22 May 2020

Next-generation solar cells pass strict international tests

Light-weight, cheap and ultra-thin, perovskite crystals have promised to shake-up renewable energy for some time. Research by Professor Anita Ho-Baillie means they are ready to take the next steps towards commercialisation.