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30 July 2020

US should consider stay-at-home cooling options during pandemic

A new study from Australian scientists at the forefront of climate and health modelling suggests electric fans and water dousing could be a viable stay-at-home cooling strategy as the United States (US) anticipates extreme heat.
30 July 2020

$6.6m awarded to Future Fellowships

Australian Research Council funding supports Australia's most outstanding mid-career researchers in Humanities and Sciences at the University of Sydney.
30 July 2020

Phoenix stream: the ancient stars that time forgot

Led by PhD student Zhen Wan and his supervisor Professor Geraint Lewis, an international team of astronomers has found a shredded globular cluster on the edge of the Milky Way, the remnant of a type of ancient structure that no longer exists.
30 July 2020

Resilience and empathy vital for leaders post-COVID: global survey

A global survey of over 1,700 professionals, including University of Sydney Business School alumni, has found corporate employees are more focused on communicating with their offshore colleagues than they were before the pandemic.