01 October 2020

Why we should celebrate Australia's universities

University of Sydney Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AC today delivered a speech to the 2020 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Summit arguing the Australian higher education system is one of the best in the world.
01 October 2020

Building hospitals and hope for African women with obstetric fistula

Most Australians have never heard of obstetric fistula. Yet in other places, it is a source of terrible suffering and shame for many thousands of women every year. 2020 Alumni Award winner Dr Andrew Browning AM (MBBS '95) is helping those women reclaim their lives.

01 October 2020

"Green" cement pour yields concrete results

University of Sydney researchers successfully create environmentally friendly, carbon dioxide-loaded cement using waste and industrial by-products.
01 October 2020

Skyscraper Symphony

Jack-hammering, heavy drilling and pouring concrete are not sounds that one would normally associate with music. However, a group of students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music have turned these activities into an engaging piece of music.
01 October 2020

Living with diabetes? Get your eyes checked

A new University of Sydney study has found only half of people living with diabetes get the recommended diabetes eye checks, putting them at risk of significant vision loss and blindness.