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07 October 2020

University of Sydney responds to 2020 Budget

The University of Sydney welcomes the federal government's investment in research, and looks forward to continuing to work with governments and industry to address the longer-term structural issues facing the sector.
07 October 2020

Dhuwarr: a celebration of Gomeroi grasses, grains and placemaking

For First Nations cultures of Australia, we are a collective of hundreds of countries, rich with connection to the earth. A new installation explores this understanding - a distinct approach that aims for meaningful cultural and knowledge exchange.
07 October 2020

Do Twitter bots spread vaccine misinformation? It's not that simple

The key to dealing with misinformation is to refocus research and attention to communities, not bots, writes Associate Professor Adam Dunn.
07 October 2020

Sea lions of Kangaroo Island under threat

The Australian sea lion is one of the rarest sea lion species in the world, and though they are protected and mostly live in isolated locations, their numbers are falling. Dr Rachael Gray and her team are trying to find out why.