31 May 2022

Very high doses of cannabis component CBD don't affect driving

University of Sydney-led research finds that 1500mg, the highest daily medicinal dose of cannabidiol (CBD), has no impact on people's driving or cognitive abilities.
31 May 2022

How COVID-19 created dramatic changes in a 'winter virus'

A University of Sydney-led study reveals how the pandemic has changed the normal patterns of winter viruses in Australia, with new strains emerging and leaving most others 'extinct'. Researchers are warning of unexpected rebounds in the future.

31 May 2022

Unusual neutron star discovered in stellar graveyard

A University of Sydney astronomer and her colleagues have discovered a new kind of neutron star in an unusual Galactic 'graveyard'. Unlike any of its stellar neighbours, the star pulses.
30 May 2022

Fisher Library terrace to reopen after more than 30 years

Fisher Library rooftop, which offers views across campus and the city, will be redeveloped for students and the University community.
27 May 2022

Sydney awarded Gold at the 2022 Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards

The Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards recognise Australia's top organisations for inclusion based on the results of the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).
27 May 2022

NSW gives an $8 million boost to Tech Central

NSW government launches $8 million fund to help drive research and commercialisation activity in the Tech Central precinct centred on Sydney's Central Station and including the University of Sydney and UTS.

26 May 2022

Smart Regional Spaces: Ready, Set, Go!

A partnership project between the Department of Regional NSW, University of Sydney and UNSW has launched today to help regional councils become 'smart spaces' through custom-designed training, digital tools and strategy development support.
26 May 2022

National Reconciliation Week 2022: Be brave. Make change.

We speak to four current staff members about what it means to 'Be brave. Make change.' and how we can make meaningful differences to society as part of our daily lives.
26 May 2022

How plate tectonics has maintained Earth's 'Goldilocks' climate

Not hothouse, nor icehouse: when tectonic plates move at a moderate speed - not too fast or slow - Earth remains habitable, new University of Sydney research finds.
26 May 2022

Sydney trailblazers appointed to the Academy of Science

World-renowned experts from biology, computer science, mathematics and physics have been elected as fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.