03 May 2022

Meet the University of Sydney's volunteer community

Ahead of National Volunteer Week, we're celebrating our alumni volunteers. Working across a broad range of University of Sydney programs, they are donating their time and expertise to build a stronger community.

03 May 2022

New arrivals welcomed through Refugee Language Program

Volunteer teachers and tutors are working with recently arrived refugees to build English language skills and settle into Australia through the University of Sydney's Refugee Language Program.

03 May 2022

Showing up for others, thanks to supporters

Student bursaries remain a critical lifeline for students in desperate need of financial support. For Tim Bishop, they have enabled him to focus on realising his career aspiration as a linguist whilst raising a young family.
03 May 2022

Successful test launch a giant leap for rocketry team

The University's rocketry team have successfully launched their rocket, Bluewren, ahead of a prestigious international student rocketry competition held annually in the United States.
03 May 2022

Telescope dons 'sunglasses' to find brightest ever pulsar

A pulsar star, 10 times brighter than any other discovered outside our Galaxy, has been found by a University of Sydney-led team.