17 August 2022

University of Sydney statement about industrial action on campus

The University of Sydney will remain open and operational during the NTEU's 24-hour strike on Wednesday 17 August, with staff who can work remotely encouraged to do so.

16 August 2022

How can we rethink our cities so children can get around safely?

Rebecca Clements from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning explores the contrasts between Japan and Australia when it comes to letting children travel safely around their neighbourhoods on their own.
15 August 2022

Research leadership lauded in global rankings

The University of Sydney has continued its rise in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for the third straight year, placing 60 in the world.
15 August 2022

Is the consolidation of publishing houses good or bad for authors?

Dr Agata Mrva-Montoya from the Department of Media and Communications explores whether the US government's desire to stop the merger of two of the world's biggest publishers, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, will help - or hinder - authors.
12 August 2022

Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde filled with dark imaginings

Associate Professor Huw Griffiths, in English Literature, reviews a theatre production that recounts Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the entire short novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, in one hour and 50 thrilling minutes.
12 August 2022

'Abnormal' protein could be a common link between all forms of motor neurone disease

Researchers have found a toxic protein that causes rare genetic forms of motor neurone disease may be involved in nerve cell death in all forms of the disorder.
11 August 2022

How neoliberalism became an insult in Australian politics

Dr Henry Maher, lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations, explores the history of how "neoliberalism" came to be used as an insult in Australian politics.
09 August 2022

New book calls for radical overhaul of pornography studies

Pornography and its effects on consumers have been studied by academics for more than 50 years. So what have we learned? Professor Alan McKee says there are many questions that still need answers.
09 August 2022

Can the next generation of sea urchins resist marine heatwaves?

Devastating effects on marine organisms may result from the exposure of ecosystems to extreme global ocean temperatures due to climate change. But can they adapt in time?
09 August 2022

How brain-monitoring tech advances could change the law

A world-first report from Dr Allan McCay in the Law School scrutinises advances in neurotechnology and what they might mean for the law and the legal profession.