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16 November 2022

University of Sydney and Calvary announce partnership

The University of Sydney and leading healthcare provider Calvary today announced a formal partnership aimed at shaping the sector through clinical placements, education, and staff development.
16 November 2022

In-depth study supports new solutions for healthcare workers

A major study has shown that healthcare and social assistance workers are twice as likely to file a workplace compensation claim for psychological injuries, compared to a similar dataset of workers in all non-healthcare industries, including construction, retail and law-enforcement services.
16 November 2022

A dark stream sheds new light on the life of galaxies

An international team of scientists led by a University of Sydney astrophysicist has discovered evidence the Andromeda galaxy is a cannibal growing through colossal intermittent feasts.

16 November 2022

Blue gropers recorded on endangered oyster reefs for the first time

Juvenile Eastern Blue Gropers ('blue groper'), the state fish of New South Wales, have been recorded living on endangered oyster reefs for the first time.

16 November 2022

New nasal vaccine strategy could improve COVID-19 protection

Australian researchers have found a new vaccine approach delivered via simply breathing in through the nose creates a strong immune response in the lungs and against SARS-CoV-2.

16 November 2022

Sydney researchers ranked among global elite

Around 400 academics from the University of Sydney have been recognised among the best in the world in their fields, from renewable energies and chronic disease prevention to space science.
16 November 2022

Robo-marking in Australian schools: no school left behind

Automated grading technologies could soon be rolled out in Australian schools but without robust national guidelines and an independent advisory body, some schools could be left behind.
16 November 2022

Jennie Mackenzie donates 20 million to Charles Perkins Centre

Jennie Mackenzie's generous donation will offer critical support to early career researchers and encourage collaboration across disciplines at the Charles Perkins Centre.