30 April 2024

Sydney Con Jazz Festival 2024 hosts the best of Australian jazz

Sydney Conservatorium of Music has announced the lineup for its one-day jazz festival on Sunday 2 June, 2024. Music lovers can enjoy jazz performances by Australia's best artists in six concert locations around the Con.
29 April 2024

University of Sydney awarded $18.4 million for national quantum centre

A national centre of innovation and collaboration led by the University of Sydney aims to unlock quantum's potential.
29 April 2024

$4.5 million for koala care announced

The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science's Camden campus will be the site for the NSW Government's new koala care centre. With $4.5 million in new funding, the facility will be part of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital.
29 April 2024

Mind-bending maths could stop quantum hackers, but few understand it

As the advent of quantum computers grows closer, cryptographers are trying to devise new mathematical schemes to secure data against their hypothetical attacks, writes Professor of Mathematics, Nalini Joshi.
29 April 2024

How did the early Great Barrier Reef manage rapid environmental change?

A new study, conducted at the University of Sydney research station at One Tree Island, shows that coral reef growth wasn't halted but just went deeper, slower.
29 April 2024

Do our genes play a role in depression?

Dr Jacob Crouse and Professor Ian Hickie write in The Conversation the surprising results they uncovered when they looked at genetic clues to depression in more than 14,000 people.
26 April 2024

Statement following Police operation

24 April 2024

More than coral: the unseen casualties of record-breaking heat on the Great Barrier Reef

Extreme heat is threatening our coral reef ecosystems, writes Professor Emma Johnston and her co-authors about the damage they're seeing on the Great Barrier Reef.
24 April 2024

A WW2 Spitfire was lost in the Norwegian wilderness for 76 years. Now a Sydney team is helping to rebuild it.

The University of Sydney is part of an international project that is "reverse-engineering" engine parts for a rare Spitfire that was last flown by a Great Escape pilot and recovered from a peat bog in 2018.
24 April 2024

Our messages to our community regarding peaceful protests on campus

The University of Sydney is communicating with students and staff regarding protest activity on campus.