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Access our facilities

Provide us with your project goals and requirements, and our staff will put together a tailored registration and training program to ensure that you can make the most of our facilities.

Access procedure


Consultation. After we receive your project enquiry, our staff will work with you to put together a viable project design, taking into account factors such as experimental scope, instrument requirements, and budget.


Activation. We will assist you in registering your project in our Access System, and will guide you through any ethical approvals necessary.


Induction. We will organise a bespoke training program specific to your needs, giving you autonomous access to our facilities to complete your project.*

Current users. Current users with active projects can proceed to our Access System to manage instrument bookings.*


*Please note that access to the Hybrid Theatre can only be gained by contacting Sydney Imaging staff directly. All activities in the Hybrid Theatre are supervised.