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Enhancing heat transfer by natural convection


The project aims to explore innovative techniques for enhancing heat transfer by natural convection.


Professor Chengwang Lei.

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Civil Engineering

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Natural convection heat exchangers and heat dissipation systems are commonly adopted in domestic and industrial processes such as in space heating, cooling and ventilation systems, in solar hot water units, and in cooling electronic devices etc. These systems have distinct advantages compared to forced convection systems. The thermal performance of natural convection heat exchangers is critical for efficient operation of these systems, and thus has been the subject of research for decades. In this project, we will develop advanced understanding of the stability properties and laminar-to-turbulent transition of thermal boundary layers, which determine the efficiency of heat transfer by natural convection. Based on the advanced understanding, innovative passive and active strategies for enhancing the thermal performance of natural convection heat exchangers will be proposed and investigated.

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