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Passive strategies for improving energy efficiency of buildings


The project aims to investigate various passive strategies for providing thermal comfort and enhancing energy efficiency of buildings.


Professor Chengwang Lei.

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Civil Engineering

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Buildings consume a significant portion of the world-wide energy supply, and the energy consumed in buildings is mainly for maintaining thermal comfort for occupants via HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning). Many passive strategies have been developed to reduce energy consumption in buildings. For instance, solar chimney, which relies solely on the energy from the sun to drive air flow through an air channel, has been adopted to promote natural ventilation through buildings; and water wall and phase change materials may be adopted to store solar thermal energy during the day and release the stored thermal energy at night for heating and/or ventilation. By optimising the designs of individual strategies and properly integrating them into buildings, optimal thermal comfort and maximum energy efficiency may be achieved. This will be the research focus of this project.


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