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Interactions of Urban Heat Island and Heatwave


This project aims to investigate the synergistic interactions between urban heat island (UHI) and heatwaves (HW) in current and future climates and provide guidelines for mitigating UHI under various climate conditions.


Professor Chengwang Lei.

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Civil Engineering

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Urban Heat Island (UHI) refers to the climatological phenomenon with cities presenting a higher ambient temperature than their surrounding suburban and rural areas. UHI has many adverse effects on urban regions and dwellers, such as increasing heat-related mortality and morbidity. These effects are reported to be more severe under heatwave (HW) conditions. It is also anticipated that HW will occur more frequently under future climate conditions due to global warming. This project aims to study the synergistic interactions between UHI and HW in current and future climates and will adopt the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. Based on the understanding of synergistic interactions between UHI and HW, the main drivers of UHI will be identified. This research will ultimately lead to guidelines for mitigating UHI effects in different cities under various climate conditions.


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