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Pollutant dispersion in street canyons


The project aims to understand how various factors including the geometric configuration of street canyons and the weather conditions (solar and wind) affect the dispersion of pollutants.


Professor Chengwang Lei.

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Civil Engineering

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Population growth and continuous urbanisation have led to more high-rise buildings in cities in order to meet the increasing demands for accommodation. In the meantime, increased traffics in cities produce increasing pollutants associated with the exhaust of diesel and petrol engines, which pose significant health risks to the public if not removed promptly. Unfortunately, urban street canyons formed by tall buildings often restrict the dispersion of the pollutants. The purpose of this project is to understand how different factors such as the building height to street width ratio, the shape of the buildings, the wind speed and direction and the buoyancy resulting from solar heating affect the dispersion of pollutants in street canyons. The outcome of the research will be useful for future urban planning.

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