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Mixing, transport and water quality in reservoirs and lakes


The project aims to investigate mixing and scalar transport in natural water bodies under the effects of natural and artificial forcing.


Professor Chengwang Lei.

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Civil Engineering

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Maintaining the quality of water in reservoirs and lakes is critical for the health and wellbeing of the people who rely on these natural water bodies for their water supply. The water quality in reservoirs and lakes depends largely on the various mixing and transport processes occurring within the water bodies, which redistribute nutrients, pollutants, dissolved oxygen and other suspended or dissolved matters across the water bodies. Mixing and transport may be induced naturally, for example, by uneven heating and cooling over diurnal or seasonal cycles or by surface wind. They may also be induced artificially, for instance, by bubble plume mixers or oxygenation systems. This project is concerned with both small- and large-scale mixing and transport processes induced by both natural and artificial systems. The project may include theoretical analysis, computer simulation, laboratory experiment and field measurement. 

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