Discovery of new image-derived features for computer-aided diagnosis


Discovery of new image-derived features and achievement of better diagnosis for specific disorders.


Professor David Feng, Dr Lingfeng Wen

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Computer Science

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Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) is an important area in the field of information technology in biomedicine, whereby the use of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies are providing objective evaluation and serves as a second reader to avoid operator-dependent biases in diagnosis. This project will investigate how to employ IT approaches to discover new image-derived features and achieve better diagnosis for specific disorders. The involved students will gain the experiences like segmentation, registration and data mining, and also improve their skills of problem solving and gain an insight into digital image analysis.

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Computer Applications, Life and medical sciences, Fuzzy system, Data Mining, Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), Image interpretation, Image processing, Medical Imaging, PET/CT, Molecular imaging

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