Study to evaluate the effectiveness of online programs for anxiety and/or drinking among young adults

This is a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of two online, evidence-based psychological programs: the 'Inroads' program and the 'Alcohol-feedback' program.

You will first complete a brief survey to determine if the study is right for you. If it is, you will be asked to complete a longer survey to build our understanding of your anxiety and mental health concerns. Immediately after this, you will receive access to 'Inroads' or the 'Alcohol-feedback' program. Both programs are based on effective treatment components, and this study will test which one is more effective. You will have approximately 5 weeks to work through the program content. For both programs, the more you put into it, the more you will likely get out of it.

We will ask you to complete an online survey 2-, 6-, 12- and 18-months after completing the initial survey, plus one phone interview at 6 months. You will be reimbursed with a $30 gift voucher for each survey/interview you complete. 


This study is open to people living in Australia aged 17 to 30, who experience anxiety and are drinking above the recommended Australian health guidelines (note. current guidelines recommend healthy adults consume no more than 10 standard drinks per week and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day). 

How to participate

Head to to sign up to the research study, or visit our the website for more information:


Ethics approval number: 2023/348