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3 facts about gun laws in Australia

Gun laws in Australia looked very different prior to the National Firearms Agreement. Associate Professor Philip Alpers details three evidence-based facts about gun reform.

Why cultural competence is important

In NAIDOC Week 2019, we talk to Rebecca Halliday, Sydney new Director, Indigenous External Relationship Development, about why the University's focus on cultural competence is so important. Read more.

Five secessionist movements to watch in 2018

From Catalonia to New Caledonia via Iraqi Kurdistan: where are questions of statehood emerging? Dr Ryan Griffiths, an expert in secession and sovereignty, pinpoints some would-be nations of the near future.

Explainer: how do drugs work?

Dan Gaffney. Media & PR Adviser (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy).

Food for thought: the science of eating a healthy diet

Host: Dr Chris Neff. Guest: Associate Professor Amanda Salis. Producers: Dan Gaffney, Annika Dean, Vivienne Reiner, Verity Leatherdale.

Is big sugar making us sick?

Host: Dr Chris Neff. Guest: Dr Becky Freeman. Producers: Dan Gaffney, Rachel Fergus, Katie Booth, Verity Leatherdale.