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Researchers in the Research and Prototype Foundary

General scholarships

Postgraduate research scholarships
Browse scholarships for domestic postgraduate research students studying in any faculty.

To find a scholarship that works for you, browse the below options and check your eligibility.

This page includes scholarships for both prospective and current students.


Scholarship Value Eligibility Open date Close date

AE and FAQ Stephens Scholarship

  • The highest ranked RTP Stipend Scholarship or UPA applicant not awarded a Vice-Chancellor's Research Scholarship (VCRS)



American Australian Association Australia to US Fellowships $40,000
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in the US
Angela McAvoy Research Scholarship $25,000 (up to 3 years)
  • See page details
11 October 2019 8 November 2019
Cambridge Australia Scholarships Various
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Apply for postgraduate studies and scholarship to the University of Cambridge
See page details See page details
Carole Muller Award $35,000 pa (for up to 3 years) or academic course fees (for up to 12 research periods)
  • Enrolled in a PhD
  • Undertakng research in the field of Balinese culture, art or history
  • hold an honours or master's degree
2 December 2019 26 February 2020
Carole Muller Award (Fieldwork) $3000 to $5000
  • Enrolled in a PhD
  • Undertakng research in the field of Balinese culture, art or history
  • need to undertake travel as part of their research
2 December 2019 26 February 2020
Cicada Innovations Postgraduate Research Placement Scholarship $16,666 (for 5 months)
  • Domestic or international PhD student
  • Completed one year of your PhD
  • Selected for the Cicada Innovations Placement
1 August 2019 2 August 2019
Cormack-Rowlands Award $1000
  • International House resident
  • Undertake selected project
TBA 30 August 2019
CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships See page details
  • PhD student at an Australian university
  • High achiever
August 2019 See page details
DAAD Scholarships and Funding Programs for Australia Various
  • Australian citizen, permanent resident or long-term resident
  • University graduate, academic, teacher, scientist, or group completing study visits
Various Various
DBH Scholarship Various
  • Master's by research or PhD student
  • Australian permanent resident, citizen of a Commonwealth country or Germany
1 January 2020 15 February 2020
Expanded Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship Scheme Up to $18,000
  • Domestic student from a regional or remote area
See page details 12 July 2019
Fulbright Scholarship Varies
  • Australian citizen
  • Residing in Australia
3 February 2020 6 July 2020
Graduate Women NSW Various See page for details  See page for details See page for details
Graeme de Graaff and Rosalie McCutcheon Scholarship 2 x $750
2 x $500
  • International House resident
  • Academic or professional development
TBA 21 September 2019
Graeme de Graaff Scholarship
  • Australian resident at International House
31 August 2019 15 November 2019
Grants-in-aid (GIA) $500 to $2500
  • Higher degree by research student
GW NSW Centenary Award 2021 $10,000
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Female student
  • Enrolled in a doctoral degree or master's by research at any NSW or ACT university
N/A 1 March 2021
Knight-Henessey Scholars Stanford University Full financial support
  • Apply to any graduate program at Stanford University
  • Completed a bachelor degree in 2014 or later
1 May 2020 14 October 2020
Matt Laffan Scholarship See page details
  • St John's College resident
  • Student with physcial disability
See page details See page details
Rhodes Scholarship Various 1 July 2020 11 September 2020
State Super Academic Scholarship $36,000
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Enrolled as a postgraduate student
  • Have an idea for research into innovative solutions for superannuation
12 October 2020 31 December 2020
Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Scholarship From $1000
  • Tertiary student
See page details See page details
The Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships Tuition, insurance fees + stipend
  • Australian citizen
  • Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2020–21
1 October  2020 14 January 2021
The Paulette Isabel Jones PhD Completion Scholarship $7000 (for 3 months)
  • Full-time PhD candidate in your final research period
  • Expect to complete your PhD in 3 months
1 October 2020 15 October 2020
The University of Sydney United Kingdom Alumni Association (USUKAA) Book Award 2019 (pdf, 80KB) £200
  • University of Sydney graduate
  • Studying or planning to study at a higher education institution in the UK
N/A 25 October 2019
United States Study Centre Study Abroad Fund See page for details
  • Participating in DC Placement Program
14 April 2020 4 June 2020
United States Studies Centre Travel Support Scheme (Masters) $2500
  • Master of US Studies student enrolled in a capstone unit
University of Sydney and Sydney Uni Sports and Fitness (SUSF) Elite Athlete Program See page details 
  • Tertiary student
  • Represent the University of Sydney in your sport
2 September 2019  20 December 2019 
Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship See page details
  • See page details
18 June 2019 4 September 2019