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Research overseas scholarships

Postgraduate research scholarships
Browse scholarships for presenting at overseas conferences, conducting international fieldwork and undertaking research and study at other leading institutions around the globe.

To find a scholarship that works for you, expand the relevant category and click on the scholarship title links. Alternatively, you can browse the full list of undergraduate scholarships for study overseas in the table below.

This page includes scholarships for both prospective and current students. 

Scholarship Value Eligibility Open date Close date
American Australian Association Australia to US Fellowships See page details
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in the US
See page details See page details

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships to Harvard University

  • Australian citizen
  • Graduates admitted to Harvard University
FASS/WZB Berlin Social Sciences Centre Research Exchange (WZB) Program  From $6000
  • PhD student or academic affiliate in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Planning to conduct research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre
1 November 2019 1 March 2020
Gowrie Scholarship $5000
  • Australian citizen
  • Australian tertiary institution graduate
  • Child or grandchild of, or a member of the Australian Armed Forces
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Grants-in-aid (GIA) $500 to $2500
  • Higher degree by research student
John Monash Scholarships $70,000
  • Australian citizen
  • Australian university graduate
  • Plan to study a postgraduate degree abroad
See page details See page details
Lionel Murphy Postgraduate Scholarship $40,000
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Pursue a postgraduate degree in science, law, legal studies or a related area
See page details See page details
Oxford Australia Scholarship Fund Various
  • Australian university graduate
  • Plan to undertake a postgraduate or second bachelor's degree at Oxford University
See page details See page details
Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program See page details
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate student in Taiwan
  • Undertake Huayu courses in Taiwan
See page details See page details
University of Sydney Exchange Programs Various
  • See page details
Various Various
University of Sydney Travelling Scholarships Various
  • Graduates planning to study overseas
2 March 2020 10 April 2020
Vice Chancellor's Global Mobility Award Up to $5000
  • See page details
Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarships $12,000
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate student
See page details See page details
George and Margaret Henderson Scholarship TBC
  • Student at the Conservatorium studying operatic studies, piano or violin
January 2020 February 2020
George Henderson Scholarship TBC
  • Student at the Conservatorium pursuing studies abroad
January 2020 February 2020
Keith and Eileen Ong Prize for Piano $7000
  • Recent piano graduate from the Conservatorium
  • Plan to complete a master's at the Conservatorium or overseas
10 September 2019 10 October 2019
The Richard and Doreen Wilson Organ Travelling Scholarship TBC
  • Organ student
  • Undertake overseas studies
January 2020 February 2020
Dr Helen Marchant-Pritchard Memorial Scholarship
  • Postgraduate research student in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work
  • Research in the field of social work or social policy
28 May  2020 24 June 2020
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Doctoral Research Travel Grant Scheme Up to $3500
  • PhD or professional doctorate student
  • Applying for research outside of Sydney
28 August 2019 23 September 2019
Hugh Clarke Research Travel Grant $2000
  • Enrolled in Japanese studies
  • Travelling to an approved destination
1 July 2019 7 August 2019
Marion Macaulay Bequest Scholarship $7500 or $5000
  • Student in the School of Education and Social Work
  • Travelling overseas for approved exchange or professional experience
15 February 2020 15 April 2020
Peter Lawrence Memorial Scholarship TBC
  • Enrolled in the Department of Anthropology in an Honours, Master of Arts (Research), Master of Philosophy, or PhD degree
  • Be applying for funding to be used for the specified research project only
9 July 2020 5 August 2020
Polymnia and Aimilia Kallinikos Scholarship $1000
  • Enrolled in a Masters by Research or PhD at an Australian university (Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens member)
  • Researching Greek Studies up to 1453 AD
  • Must travel either to Greece or a neighbouring country 
16 September 2019 18 October 2019
The Alexander Mackie Research Fellowship Up to $10,000
  • Postgraduate research student in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work
  • Pursuing research overseas for 12 months
26 August 2019 25 September 2019
The Chinese Studies Travelling Bursary $1000
  • Chinese studies student
  • Plan to travel to China and study at a Chinese university
1 March 2020 31 March 2020
The Coleman-Hilton Scholarship at the British School at Rome $42,000
  • Domestic student
  • Doctor of philosophy student in the Department of Classics and Ancient History
26 November 2019 9 December 2019
The Frances Merenda Travelling Scholarship $4000
  • Italian studies major student
  • Undertaking approved exchange, further studies or research in Italy
16 February 2020 11 April 2020
The Rosemary Samios Awards in Scottish Gaelic Studies Up to $6000
  • Current student
  • Studying an approved programme in Scotland

7 August 2019
(round 1)

21 February 2020
(round 2)

4 September 2019
(round 1)

16 April 2020
(round 2)

The Sakuko Matsui Postgraduate Travel Scholarship in Japanese Studies $5000
  • Postgraduate research student in the Department of Japanese Studies
3 March 2020 29 April 2020
The Wentworth Fellowship $5000 pa (for 3 years)
  • Full-time PhD, DArts or DSocSci student
  • Hold an honours degree
  • Researching humanities or social sciences
  • Need to travel to England and Europe
  • Over 25
26 May 2020 23 June 2020
The Zhuanglin Hu Postgraduate Research Support Scholarship in Linguistics Up to $1500
  • Postgraduate research student in the Department of Linguistics
  • Presenting at a conference/symposium/workshop
2 September 2019 17 September 2019
Thomas and Ethel Mary Ewing Scholarships $35,000 per year
  • Postgraduate research student undertaking research in the field of education
  • Travelling interstate/overseas as part of your degree
9 December 2019 20 January 2020
Thomas and Ethel Mary Ewing Scholarships (Travelling Research) $10,000
  • Postgraduate research student in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work
  • Undertake travel for your degree
5 August 2019 2 September 2019
Sydney Law School Exchange Scholarship $2000
  • High academic achiever experiencing financial hardship
  • Enrolled in final year of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or Juris Doctor Program
31 August 2020 30 September 2020
Campbell Perry International Research Scholarship $6000
  • Full-time PhD student in the School of Psychology
  • Hold a primary scholarship from the University that provides a stipend allowance
  • Planning to travel overseas for your PhD
March 2021 April 2021
Dr Joan R Clark Research Scholarship Various
  • Domestic PhD candidate
  • Researching inorganic chemistry
  • Study overseas for a period of time

August 2019
(round 2)

(round 3)

April 2020
(2020 round 1)

August 2019
(round 2)

November 2019
(round 3)

May 2020
(2020 round 1)

KE Bullen International Conference Scholarship Up to $3500
  • Full-time PhD student in applied mathematics
  • Completed first annual progress report
  • Presenting at a major overseas academic conference
11 April 2019 22 May 2019
Philipp Hofflin International Research Travel Scholarship $7000
  • Full-time maths PhD student
  • Completed first year annual progress report
  • Travelling to an overseas host institution to undertake research for up to two months
April 2020 May 2020
TJ Robinson Travelling Scholarship $5000
  • Postgraduate research student in veterinary science and animal production
  • Researching animal science

15 May 2020 (round 1)

1 November 2020 (round 2)

3 June 2020
(round 1)

18 November 2020 (round 2)

Dr Albert S McKern Travelling Research Scholarship Up to $15,000
  • Australian citizen at the time of application
  • Graduate of the University of Sydney, the University of Edinburgh, or Yale University
1 November 2019 13 December 2019
The TDM Foundation Scholarship RTP stipend rate (for up to 3 years)
  • Hold an honours degree or a master's degree
  • High academic achiever
16 April 2018 14 May 2018