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Women in science

Supporting and encouraging women in science
We invest in initiatives that strive to achieve gender equity and to create a positive environment for future female leaders.

From gender equity programs, to female focused science societies and world-leading female researchers and lecturers, the Faculty of Science is committed to fostering the next generation of women in STEMM. 



of undergraduate science students are female



of postgraduate science students are female

Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) program

The SAGE program promotes gender equity and diversity through assessing gender equality policies and practices and helping organisations establish ways to promote and retain women and gender minorities in their ranks.

The University of Sydney's SAGE program keeps the University accountable in achieving our gender equity goals through our internal self-assessment team. 

SAGE is a collaborative program delivered in partnership with the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Annie Handmer

Annie Handmer
PhD student (History and Philosophy of Science)
"We must ensure that through programs like SAGE we are truly effecting change, not because diversity makes STEMM better, but because understanding why something is wrong and changing it is always the right thing to do."
Learn more about our strategies to improve gender equity and diversity.

Women in Science Society

Sydney University Women in Science Society encourages and supports gender equity in Science. The society represents the voices of female and gender non-conforming students and celebrates equity across all spectrums, promoting networking between students, academics and industry representatives. 

We're proud to be an inclusive and welcoming space on campus where female and gender non-conforming students can come to and feel safe, have support and have fun.
Jayfel Tulabing Lee, President of the Women in Science Society