21 December 2018

Science tips for summer

Whether you're looking to liven up your garden or need some tips on picking the perfect avocado, our researchers and students share their scientific tips for the summer.
19 December 2018

Colonial medicine from a different perspective

Historians of medicine investigate discoveries within medicine and their effects on everyday life, the organisation of medical care, and the medical profession.
14 December 2018

Looking back on my science degree

At the end of his third year of university, Bachelor of Science (Advanced) student William Zhou looks back on his experiences and shares his advice.
13 December 2018

4 cool topics you can study in maths

From developing artificial intelligence to predicting a cancer prognosis, mathematics touches every aspect of our lives. We talked to four Sydney mathematicians about their research and why maths (and the study of it) is so important.
12 December 2018

5 cool topics you can study with a biology major

Technology has advanced our ability to process and interpret large volumes of data, generating a gigantic leap in our understanding of the fundamental molecular mechanisms and processes controlling life.
05 December 2018

What is the Tea Composition project?

You might be wondering why we care so much about soil. Soil is an essential, complex and highly valuable natural resource which we depend on to produce the vast majority of our food, fibre and economic sustainability.