29 October 2018

Sydney's spooktastic bats this Halloween

Halloween is a time we celebrate all things spooky such as ghosts, witches and bats. However, bats are not scary at all, they can be extremely charismatic and endlessly fascinating.
24 October 2018

Why Sydney is a science destination

Combining spectacular beaches, lengthy summers and mild winters - Sydney has got it all. One aspect of this beautiful city remains relatively unknown to most people, Sydney is the perfect science destination.
12 October 2018

STEM Works connects teachers with industry

It’s not often that high school science teachers get to leave the classroom, but thanks to STEM Works held on 11 October, 34 teachers from across NSW got to see the inside of Westpac and Google and hear why they value STEM skills in their staff.
08 October 2018

Earth sciences conference run by students for students

School of Geosciences is hosting the Geological Society of Australia Earth Sciences Student Symposium for New South Wales. This conference will showcase research from both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
02 October 2018

‘Come by’ the working dog survey page

Effective working dogs improve farm productivity and significantly reduce stress on farm managers and livestock so it’s unsurprising they are known to replace human labour in livestock enterprises.