Why Sydney is a science destination

Sydney has everything a science student needs
Combining spectacular beaches, lengthy summers and mild winters - Sydney has got it all. One aspect of this beautiful city remains relatively unknown to most people, Sydney is the perfect science destination.

In between lectures and on weekends, it's a city where you can find science related activities to learn and enjoy. Sydney has everything a science student needs – overnight wildlife safari, star gazing observatories, microbreweries galore and breaching whales. 

Giraffes at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Giraffe's have a spectacular view overlooking Sydney Harbour. Photo credit Paul Fahy.

Wildlife safari

You can experience an overnight wildlife safari at Taronga Zoo called Roar and Snore. Take in the spectacular sight of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the evening as you drink and dine at the Roar and Snore harbour-side campsite.

In the evening experience an exclusive Taronga Zoo night safari led by passionate keepers and guides. After the evening tour, unwind in the comfortable safari-style tents, listening to the sounds of Taronga Zoo at night. In the morning the zookeepers will take you on close encounter sessions where you will form a special bond with the animals of Taronga Zoo.

If you have a desire to develop your wildlife conservation expertise, we have a new science degree called the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation). In this degree, you will be taught by dedicated researchers and practitioners from two of Australia’s premier institutions – the University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

Star gazing into the night sky

Stunning images in the night sky.

Star gazing

If star gazing is more your thing, why not explore the Sydney Observatory. The Observatory has plenty of tours and talks to experience and showcases an amazing collection of telescopes, artefacts, books and photos. During the day you can look through the Observatory’s solar safe telescope to examine the sun, and at night you can learn about the wonders of the southern sky.

We have many passionate star gazers here at the University of Sydney. This year we celebrated a world changing discovery detecting gravitational waves. It caused a media frenzy and put our astronomers in the spotlight.

Science student Rhys Raymond-Jones internship at local brewery

Rhys Raymond-Jones on his internship at a Sydney microbrewery.


If you cannot get enough of chemical equations and reactions in your studies, why not head to a Sydney microbrewery. Experience one of Sydney favourite chemical reactions and sample local craft beers and spirits. Sydney is fast becoming a microbrewery hot spot.

Each brewery is distinct from the next and the beer is fresh — you can quite literally see where it was made. Many of our students have completed internships at some of the local breweries and have actually made a career out of it.

Humpback whale

Humpback whale breaching on a School of Geosciences field trip with PhD candidate Alex Jones. Photo credit Duncan Morton.

Whale watching

One of the best things to do during a Sydney winter is head to the beach for the day. Yes, that is correct, you can enjoy a day at a Sydney beach in winter looking for whales. Common whale sightings in Sydney include Humpbacks, Southern Rights and Minke whales. However, it is the Humpback Whales that put on a spectacular show. During winter you can see up to 100 whales per day heading north to the warm tropical waters for breeding and calving.

The above photo was recently captured on one of our research field trips. We have postgraduate students currently in the field conducting whale migration and behaviour research through the School of Geosciences Marine Studies Institute

24 October 2018