Add Sustainability into your degree

27 July 2022

Major or Minor in Sustainability today

If you’re looking to improve your career prospects, open the door to further academic study, or pursue your passion while helping save the planet, studying Sustainability is your next step.

To solve sustainability problems requires multi-dimensional thinking. The Major/Minor in Sustainability is deliberately designed to enable you to learn from how experts from the sciences, business, the social sciences and engineering engage with sustainability problems.

Who should study Sustainability?

Sustainability is an area of study for people wanting to make a change to the world. It’s relevant for students commencing undergraduate study, including recent high school leavers, non-recent school leavers and mature-age entry. It’s designed to complement other areas of study, whether they be in arts and the humanities, the sciences, business and commerce, the social sciences, or engineering. Studying Sustainability will give you the platform for applying the knowledge you learn in your degree to the real world problems confronting the planet.

What degrees can include Sustainability?

Sustainability can be studied as part of many degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Advanced Studies, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Commerce. It is meant to be a second area of study in these degrees. You will need to complete a major from within your home Faculty, but can then complete Sustainability as a second Major, or as a Minor.

Major in Sustainability

This involves 48 credit points of study over three years. In your first year, you will be introduced to the ways of critically analysing and addressing sustainability, and understand the global dimensions of the food, water and climate problems that face humanity. In your second year, you will study the ways government policies and regulations help or hinder sustainability, and have the opportunity to choose from a range of specialist Units of Study that align with your interests. In your third year, you will enrol in additional specialist Units of Study, and complete the Major with an Interdisciplinary Project on Sustainability.

Minor in Sustainability

This involves the first year and second year components described above. Click through to find out more today.