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Find out how our postgraduate course in marine science and management will accelerate your understanding of complex coastal challenges and help build a career with positive impact.

Why study marine science?

Australia has a vast marine jurisdiction with unique ocean and coastal ecosystems, many of which are poorly understood. The accelerating changes in the climate, combined with land use practices, marine litter, fishing, shoreline industries and new risks, such as increasing ocean noise and potential deep-sea mining are presenting Australia and the global community with unprecedented challenges.

Associate Professor Will Figueira

"A marine scientist is someone who conducts research in a broad range of fields associated with the marine environment," explains Associate Professor Will Figueira, Director of One Tree Island Research Station.

"This can span from geosciences to the biological sciences, and also includes the management and conservation of marine systems.

"If you're interested in a marine science career, you obviously love the marine environment. The advantage of pursuing that career, is the marine world will become your office."

Marine science at Sydney

The extensive coastline, harbour and unique marine ecology around the University of Sydney make it an outstanding location to undertake a Master of Marine Science and Management.

Developed in collaboration with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and its partner universities, the degree's rich array of subjects include the science and management of coasts, marine ecology and conservation, coral reefs, climate change, oceanography (physical, geological and biological) and engineering (coastal and marine).

While you will undertake core units at the University of Sydney, you can take elective units at one of our partner universities.

The coastal expertise at the University of Sydney is one of the best in Australia. We have international leaders in areas ranging from coastal geoscience and management to coastal ecology and biology.

Our innovative subjects – like coastal management, environmental modelling, geographic information science, ecological statistics, remotely sensed data analysis and marine and coastal law – are designed to get you to solve real-world problems and learn to tackle multifaceted problems concerning our coasts and the ocean.

Marine science careers

Upon completion of the Master of Marine Science and Management, a wide range of career options are available to you:

  • marine ecologist
  • coastal manager
  • environmental consultant
  • marine science communicator
  • marine geochemist
  • coastal modeller
  • marine data scientist.

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24 June 2020